Your Roadmap to Online Success

If you’re in the content marketing game (and by this time, who isn’t?), you should consider using PLR for your blog posts and web articles. While some of us are great writers, some of us aren’t, and for the latter category, buying PLR content makes sense. However, it’s important to use it properly, and this guide will show you how.

Buy Content Only From Trusted Sources

Writing quality articles can be time-consuming, even for good writers. Not only that, it’s entirely possible that someone will steal your content, put it on their own site, and sell it as premium PLR. Buyers of this kind of content have to face the dreaded duplicate content penalty, and sellers can suffer serious reputational damage. To avoid these problems, buy PLR only from reputable sources, and do your homework before buying. As with most business deals, the more research you do, the better off you’ll be.

Buy Only Top-Quality Content

This tip may sound obvious, but you should read a sample or two of a seller’s private label rights content before you buy. The best PLR sellers will have a few samples to view before making a purchase decision. By reading these sample pieces, you can determine how well the content is written, if it’s suitable for your purposes, and whether your target market would benefit from it.

Read the License Agreement Carefully

Everyone who sells private label rights ebooks has policies and rules on how the content can be used. It’s important to read these guidelines and understand them, because you may not be able to use the content in certain ways. If you’re aware of the rules before you buy private label rights content, it’s easier to decide how you’ll use it once you buy it.

Make it Your Own

Many people buy PLR and business coaching content and add their own name to it, as a Google search will prove. However, to make PLR a valuable part of your content marketing plan, you should include your own keywords and personality to make it a better fit for your niche. By reviewing the content and making some changes before you post it, you can avoid contradicting yourself and you can avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty.

Use PLR Content in a Newsletter

This is a particularly effective way to use PLR, especially if the newsletter isn’t posted online. Here, there would be no duplicate content penalty to worry about, and if the license allows it, you can leave the content intact. If you archive your newsletters online, though, you should edit the content so it’s at least 50-60% unique.

Combine PLR With Unique Content

This is one of my favorite ways to use PLR articles. Simply use them as a starting point for your research and combine the information with your own writing to create something that’s 100% original. By combining content of different formats, you can make your work more interesting, effective, and appealing.

By learning how to use plr in different ways, you can keep your websites informative and up-to-date. Furthermore, simply reading and/or rewriting private label rights videos can help you form new ideas that will work their way through to your business.